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Thinking of recording at Alchemix? Simply fill in the form below and you'll hear back from us in a jiffy.

Let us know about your project and the kind of help you think you'll need and we'll pair you up with one of our in house engineers 🧑🏻‍💻 Unfortunately we're not currently taking phone calls as we've found it to interrupt studio time too much 🙅🏿

Alternatively you can email us @

Tick what you think you'll need from us ✔️
Who would you like to work with?

Thanks, we'll get back to you shortly :)

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔


Q: Do you offer work experience at your studios?
A: Not at the moment, things might change though 🥹

Q: Should we bring in our own gear or use yours?

A: You should bring in your own, and also take note of our gear list.  Naturally, you know your gear back to front and what sound you want, so for that reason, we recommend you bring your own equipment. We can then recommend other bits of gear if time allows for experimentation. If you're only tracking a demo, I'd suggest not bringing a bass amp. We typically will DI the Bass 🔉

Q: How do I contact you?

A: For questions, please contact us via our inquiry form on this page. To avoid lifting a phone during a session, we prefer this method or alternatively swing us an email. Also When making an inquiry, please be pretty specific in your project description. We want you to work with someone who understands your sound 😃

Q: Can I hang my artwork up at your Tidy Gallery?

A: Unfortunately our Art Gallery closed in 2012 😔

Q: I hear you guys can press Vinyl?

A: Hehe we wish! there is however a great new facility in Brisbane! Check out Suit Case Records 💿

Q: You recorded me a while back, do you still have my back up files
A: We have 40 backup hard drives and counting, I might be able to find it for you, we however don't guarantee backups past 6 months. It is your responsibility to back up your own files 💻

Q: I sent you a demo but you haven't responded?
A: Sorry! Please re-send via email, but as a note, we are not

music promoters or a label, we are music producers and sound engineers, so only send a demo if you're looking for ideas on production. We can then work out a suitable recording package or project strategy. One mp3 is perfect. Short e-mails with a simple-to-understand introduction. We do get a lot of e-mails each day 📩

Q: I'm a freelance engineer, can I hire your studio?
A: Yes, we have dry hire prices listed in our pricing page. Every year we probably get around 20 freelance engineers hiring out our spaces for their productions. Sometimes just for tracking, sometimes just for mixing. We provide an assistant for setting up purposes 🎙

Q: Do you have a drum kit at Alchemix?

A: Yes, a 3 piece Vintage Rogers Kit. For options, we recommend hiring a kit from the Drum Cartel. You get a bunch of snares, a pack of cymbals, and your choice of shells. It's really really good 🥁

Q: Parking is available at the Studio?

A: Yes, Brereton St has 4p and 9p parks, but after 5pm or anytime on Weekends, you can park in our off-street car park for free! 🚗

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