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If you have a track and would like a quote to mix it, simply send us a message with a link to the file and perhaps some references to give us an idea of the type of sound you are aiming for. If it suits one of our engineers, we'll get back to you with a personalised quote :)

Although our recording packages include mixing, you might have recorded your project at home and now want to opt in for a professional mix-down 😎

When we receive a project recorded at a home studio, or in a variety of spaces (professional or not) it's really quite fun for us to get stuck in and enjoy unique sounds that are different to the space we work within each day 🤪 Mixing something fresh can also take little to no time to complete - so much of this game comes down to what's going on in your mind 🧠 If you have no connection to the recording process, you do whatever aids the song during a mix, even if it means muting the expensive microphones in the room 🫢

A larger portion of our projects are tracked in-house, so a good question might be, when does mixing happen? 🧐

Sometimes a project has a feel to it and mixing as you go can be a really fun process. It's pretty easy to run a session and feel inspired to dial in sounds and effects with the final result coming together naturally as and when the parts are recorded and programmed 🎛 This works really well when the engineer you are working with has a very similar taste to you 🤝 The choices add up and you end up with something that is close to finished with little to no struggle 😌 When these moments occur they are greeeeaaaat

Alternatively, some projects unfold bit by bit and don't have a set structure yet. They require the artist to slowly feel it out 🧘🏾‍♀️ During these types of sessions, your engineer might be more of a sound engineer than a producer and it might take some time to get to a finalised musical arrangement ✔️ A fresh mix is vital for these types of projects, perhaps even with a new mixing engineer who hasn't listened to the project yet 👂🏽 This could be someone else in-house or another mix engineer anywhere in the world 🌎

Budget plays a big part too 💰 You can race to the finish line, and sometimes it works out super well 🏃🏿‍♀️ It's a win for both you and the engineer/producer 🥇 Other times however the project grows and expands and hopefully the budget will allow for a change in perspective - a moment to pass and then a fresh mixing session to finish up the track at a later date 📆

We hope this has given you a better idea of varied mixing processes that happen here at Alchemix and we look forward to helping you with your projects 🫠

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