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Our acoustically designed studio and specially selected range of equipment are second to none. Mastering can be a very useful way to treat your mix to a pair of fresh ears and get your sounds to an industry level.


It's also very useful to hear your mixes in a more controlled response room that has the right equipment and that has been treated acoustically 🔉 These factors combine to add and not detract from what you have been working on for so long. Files can be sent to us, or you can bring them in for your initial appointment. The majority of the Mastering we perform these days is for Digital Distribution such as for all your favourite streaming services but occasionally we Master for Vinyl too ✔️

For questions any Q's regarding mastering please contact Marly via email 📩

Mastering Engineer

Singles, EPs & Albums can all be mastered here at Alchemix by Mastering Engineer / Producer / Studio owner Marly Lüske. Over the past 15 years Marly has professionally mastered a wide range of talented artists from all genres of music, video, and advertising.


Alchemix is ideally appointed for all mastering jobs. We run a Cranesong Avocet, together with an Apogee clock and the latest UAD interfaces, outboard EQ, and compression by JLM Audio, Harrison, Maag, Neve, Empirical Labs, Spectra Sonics and use the latest version of Pro Tools. We also run onto tape if the music suits 🎛

For in-attendance mastering, Marly charges $125 p/song, but will happily quote you a discount if your EP or Album includes shorter tracks. 🧑‍💻

As a guide, an EP usually takes about 3 to 4hrs and an album typically takes 4 to 8hrs ⏰

You also have the option to send your files in for an unattended session. For multiple tracks, email your details for a quote 📁

Dropbox is recommended for uploading large files and for a single track we usually only charge $125 📥

If you have something that requires special attention (and might benefit from a little something more than the usual mastering pop market mixes require) please send us an email and let us know what your freaky deal is 👽

Marly spends a lot of time with underground and creative music styles which require know-how and support - rather than just great gear 🥷🏼

We love Lo-Fi music, and VHS and Cassettes are welcome if that's your thing 📼

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