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Voice Over Services & Corporate Recording

At Alchemix, we have created special techniques for flawless voice-over recording and have been doing so for over 20 years 🎙

We typically use a u87 or a pair of Sennheiser MKH 416s. We also have a pair of Shure SM7b's, which are great for podcasts 🎤

When booking with us, make sure to let us know if you would like the files sent to you raw, or with purposeful processing. If you only book 1 hour, and we only get the recording down, we will send you the Raw files 💾

If enough time is allocated, or the budget is open, or the recording only takes 10mins, we can process the audio for you. Our Post Production includes De-Breathing, Sibilance Control, and EQ/Compression for the desired outcome, whether it be for TV/FILM/YOUTUBE or even your Phone System 🎥

We then dropbox the processed files including any other useful takes, so you can hand these to your creative producer, who will do the final edit for you. We don't have video editing capabilities, we stick to audio 🔉


Having recorded for decades here at Alchemix, from navigation system voice-overs, lecture scripts, radio commercials, public train announcements and many many other projects, it's meant that we've been able fine-tune our recording process and create the ultimate voice-over recording product 😎

One might assume, recording an announcer or "voice-over" artist would seem to be relatively simple compared to music recordings, but far from it, it's a creative/technical task not to be taken lightly.

Speech sounds are harmonically and dynamically complicated, because of the way vocals are produced by the chest; lungs; diaphragm; larynx; the oral cavity, including the tongue, hard and soft palates, teeth and lips, the nasal cavities; and by the dynamic interaction of all those elements through time 🗣

Explosions of air bursting from the mouth, the lips and tongue can sound wet, and "sss" sounds can over-modulate a track 🐍

The engineer has to have a keen ear, a good technical understanding of how to capture the voice cleanly, and special techniques of how to suppress hard sounds such as P and T and to direct the voice-over artist to stay a consistent distance and angle from the business end of the microphone 🎤

Prices : $220 inc GST will cover one hour of studio time with an engineer 😎

We typically set up the gear requested before the start of the session. 🐘

For extra hours, the cost is reduced to $99 p/hr and charged in 30-minute increments. You can ask about a full-day price too.

Please flick us a message with any questions you might have ...

Scroll down to find out more about the bespoke recording service we off here at Alchemix 🌸

  1. Our recording booth is made up of super large broadband absorbers, and sits in a lovely large live room. The booth is spacious but also dead enough to avoid the room reflections.

  2. As little external interference as possible - just a clean feed from the microphone.

  3. The voice over talents need to have wide topic reaching experiences, they need to be good storytellers and a voice quality that is not too sibilant or too dull.

  4. Mouth noises and the like can be taken care of during editing, even little clicks in the middle of words. But you've got to start with an artist who has a voice that possesses clarity and a pleasant quality.

  5. Alchemix can provide suitable Voice Over Talents for any specific narration need, or the client can present their own Voice Over Talent...

Recording Voice Overs

What are the defining characteristics of a good voice-over recording?

Sound Production Services

Below are some of the services we

regularly provide.

  • Voice Over Recording .. (we can provide voice over talent if requested)

  • Audio Book Recording

  • Corporate Training Documentaries - Teaching - Seminar - Workshop recordings

  • IVR Recording ( IVR Interactive Voice Recording) Phone Messages - Telephone Greetings - Auto Attendant - On-Hold Messaging - Podcasts

  • Navigation System Voice Recordings

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