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Andrew Nolan

You're in good hands here

at Alchemix - between us our team has accrued decades worth of industry experience behind the controls.

At the start of a project here at Alchemix it's always a good idea to ask the engineer you are working with, whether they would like to just engineer, co-produce or entirely produce your release 💿

If you would like to control the creative direction of a project entirely, check out our recording packages which include a sound engineer, putting you and your band in the producer seat 🎛 Though if you are after more than just a great engineer then read on 😇

We currently have 5 engineers who at times also step in as producers. To find out if we have someone who will suit your sound, just send an enquiry via email, with audio examples and a full description of what you would like to release next. We will then put you in contact with the right set of ears for the job 👂🏽 If you do make an inquiry with us, you might hear directly back from one of the following engineers 🧑🏼‍💻


* Be sure to check out everyone's playlists to get a feel for each engineer's taste and style 🍏

Marly Lüske in the Alchemix Control Room

Marly Lüske 🦄

Producer Engineer / Studio Owner

Also a Mixer . Composer . Performer . Mastering Engineer

*since 1998

Well, my style of production is quite random these days. Although in the past I have had rules and prescribed ways of doing things, these days, apart from quality time management, I like to really free up the creative procedure and rely more on the moment. Trying simple techniques in many different ways until one clicks, is where it's at... Visit Marly's Website for more vibes.

My passion for lo-fidelity, through dubbing techniques and the marriage of understated musical prowess with abstract concrète esque behaviors, melts my perceived identity, into a puddle of happy goo. My strongest points are listening, elegant editing, knowledge of classical and jazz norms and counter-norms, and a love for experimentation and the arts. I'm also a keen collector and user of old and DIY tech. Like all the engineers listed here, if you check out our playlists, you'll get a vibe for who we are :) A recent highlight for me was completing two Albums for the now-famous tv show, Bluey.

Love working with passionate musicians who love to experiment with ideas and parts, without getting too serious or rigid. I'll make sure the final product does hit the spot in today's audio climate, which will allow it to surface and have its chance on the gravy train. I'm happy to step in and polish productions or leave them raw and real. I equally enjoy a pop banger or a 10min drone track. Just depends on mood hehe.

Digital Harshness. Analogue Warmth. Mistakes and rough edits. Everything goes during tracking. I prefer that my clients sit in during mix-down sessions. It's yours to listen to for life, so let's make sure you are a big part of this process.

I favor mixing with an attitude and tone that suits the performance and illusion of that particular song. I don't see the need to copy someone else's sound. Focus on your own talents and let's push those unique aspects out.

Production Examples | For Music I Make | What I'm Currently Listening To

Please contact Marly via email - he can then advise about sending demo's or organising a meet up.

Music Producer Andrew Nolan

Andrew Nolan 🦞

Producer Engineer

Also a Mixer . Songwriter . Musician . Mastering Engineer

*since 2008

I love big productions and big sounds. My musical taste and ear is geared towards heavier genres, which translates well to either in your face and nasty, or polished and clean. My job is to make sure your music is levelled up and larger than life. Whatever it takes to get it there, I'm going to make it happen. If the song calls for it, I'm all about tight edits and bombastic productions. I'm all about programming additional synths, drum triggers, post FX etc. Whatever will make it slap. But if the song is more about feel and vibe we'll strip it back and let the song breathe, making sure we get some great takes in a space set up for capturing the tone.

I love working and collaborating with artists, making sure we are all on the same page and working towards the same goal. My approach can be very hands-on when strong guidance is needed, and more of a back seat when you know what you are after and simply need someone to facilitate your ideas. I'm very easy going and can roll with any situation that arises.

Anyway, let's work together and level up your music!

Production Examples | What I'm Currently Listening To

Please contact the studio via the inquiry page - Andrew can then advise about sending demo's or organising a meet up. You can also visit Andrew's Website for more Info.

this is Erik Williamson

Erik Williamson 🐬

Producer Engineer

Also a Performer . Composer

*since 2013

I love working with musicians who are open to experimenting and pushing boundaries to bring something new out of a genre. My approach is to discuss with the client and find out what is unique and special about their music, and then try to make a feature of it by using a variety of techniques such as analogue warmth, tape saturation or several other effects to bring out certain textures and sounds. Production styles I am inspired by include the Joe Meek, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson type 60s production, to 70s super tapey dry production, to Lofi folk/ambient. So anyone looking to get that experimental approach to production I'd love to hear from you!

Production Examples | What I'm Currently Listening To

Please contact the studio via the inquiry page - Erik can then advise about sending demo's or organising a meet up.

Liam Brimble

Liam Brimble 🦋

Producer Engineer

Also a Songwriter . Muscian

*since 2018

When it comes to working on a song, I always want to make sure that the final product gives the best sonic representation of the artist. No rules, just the right tools to make a great song that is unique and characteristic to you. Whether it's slamming drums to tape or running the mix through a console for coloration and vibe, I have always had a passion for creating songs with attitude and depth. I like to partner closely with all of my clients to help create their perfect sound and an individual representation of their artistry.

I've been inspired by producers like David Foster, Quincy Jones and Glyn Johns for their instinctive knowledge of music and arranging, and the profound effect it has had on songwriting. My mixing inspirations include Spike Stent, Bob Clearmountain and Serban Ghenea, as their intuition for tone and sound staging have changed the way I've been mixing and making music for others. In addition to working as a producer and engineer, I also have a background as a session guitarist, songwriter, recording artist and live performer. My aim is to provide technical know-how and creative advice to all my clients, giving you the guidance and direction you need for your music.

Production Examples | What I'm Currently Listening To

Please contact the studio via the inquiry page - Liam can then advise about sending demo's or organising a meet up.

You can also check out Liam's website for more info.

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