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We've had the great pleasure to work with such a diverse range of clients over the past 25 years - a small fraction of them are listed on this page along with a playlist for you to dive into.




Some clients we have enjoyed spending time with at Alchemix include: Kerbside Collection, Bluey, Robert Forster, Gabriella Cohen, Joff Bush, Luke Bernard Eaton, Deep Purple, Keane, Scraps, The Black Eyed Peas, Paul Kelly, Birdz, Fred Leone, Nite Fields, Greg Chiapello, Arthar, A Somerset Parade, Josh Homme, Red Dead Redemption 2, Yr Familiar, Desmond Cheese, Example, Neurosensory, Videopro, Phameon, Lydia Fairhall, The Ten Tenors, Sheppard, Matthew Whitehouse, Tim Baker, Ash Grunwald, FLOODING. These Guy, Soviet Xray Record Club, Eyecolour, Sesta, Shores, Jackie Marshall.

Ruby Jo, Callum Pask, Devotions, Chandy, Tidy Kid, Paua, Ultra Material, J Wess, Half Kast, The Last Dinosaurs, The Scare, Turnermeant, Cafe No One, Ashgroove, Kitchens Floor, Jesswar, Full Flower Moon Band, Natasha Johanna, Sewers, Jazzy Darcy, Mountain Ash, Andrew Nolan, Danog and the Goon Boys, Liam Brimble, Charlotte Mclean, Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland, Stress Pleaser, Patrick Hameon, Ethan Waters, Emile Regano, Julia Anderson, SLP Trio, Preloved Things, Emmanuel Worship, Sophie Min, pOnk, Kahl Monticone.

Cured Pink, Hey Geronimo, L.Major & Co, Devu, Death by Carrot, Toby Wren Trio, The Cairos, Mondeo, Eileen Gilligan, Kathy Sander, John Rush, the Red Paintings, Fawn, The Goon Sax, Whitleo, Jack Curry, Sue Lewin, Chivalry, Buttery Love, Tien Cortez, You & The Night, The Sonny Downs Quartet, Amateur Childbirth, L. Flora, Campbell Messer, Erik Williamson, Glitter Veils, K Mak, Jesse Davidson, Jake Miller, Dity Pierre, Green Theif, The Black Arts, 8 Ball Aitken, Repeat Offender, Yves Klein Blue, Pink Bullet, Montpelier, The Wells, Sega Games, Naked.

Sky Needle, No Sister, Jive Canyon, Lighthouse Mouse, Margot Fenton, Big Bad Echo, Elroy 4.0, Bakaari, Sam Watson, The Penny Changer, Saint Surly, Dyl Thomas, Tash the Amazon, Funkoars, DZ Deathrays, Sharron mirii Bell, Briggs, Trials, Nige & the Volcanics, Purpose, Elsy, Wreckhouse, Lita and the Bones, Phil Smith, The Pool Boys, Tom Francis, Pharaohs Playground, Weste, Puzahki, Kelsey Giarola, Balloons Kill Babies, Black Market Rhythm Co., Ultrafeedy, Val Flynn, Reverend Hellfire & The Tapelooops, The Sunday Bests, Allioopsy, Highgate Club, Sonalisa Mishra, Lucid Drift, Surya Sumantara, Joseph Roberts, Brendan Cox, New Manic Spree, Queensland Rail, Umor Rex Records, Bedroom Suck Records and sooooooo mannnnny moooooore...
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