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Recording at Alchemix provides you with a creative and relaxing environment to record, mix and master audio.

From the latest in digital platforms to the character and warmth of vintage gear - we have it on lock here at Alchemix. The space caters for Bands, Solo Artists, Singles, EPs, Albums, Voice Overs, & Sound Design. We can take care of the whole process or just help you out with one element, such as mixing your home recordings. 📻

The control room is decked out with a Protools System, which is fed by our Customized 70's Yamaha Desk, Outboard Compressors, EQs, Tape Machines, and a variety of Sound Effects Units. This means we can aim for a clean sound or a really dirty old-style aesthetic. Each project is different, so naturally, the gear and the rooms are there to be used in a variety of ways. We also have Logic and Ableton Installed for max DAW computation 💻

Walk into the live room, and you'll notice our oversized baffles. Yes, these things are huge and they are really useful in creating dead spaces in a larger space like ours. Desire a 70's funk kit sound? No worries, chuck the kit next to the wood wall, place baffles around the kit, point microphones into the baffles, and squash the signal with Compression and silly EQ 🫠 Want a large room sound where everything sounds real and raw? Easy! Everything is customizable 🤯

Setup is usually very fast, most of the gear is out and about ready to be put into place. The desk is heavily modified so if you want things to be over-driven and sound super explosive - sure thing 🫡 If you're after a very clean modern tone, even easier, we just run everything as clear as possible during input and colour the signal appropriately

during mixing 🎛


We have a large range of; Organs, a Piano, and a Fender Rhodes Keyboard are always present in the Live Room. Some Guitar Amps, and possibly if you ask for it, a house kit as well. If you ask the questions, we'll probably have a clever solution 😚

Setting up as a live band is great in the live room and its easy to see each other. The baffles create just enough separation acoustically, and our Hearback headphone system allows each band member to dial in their own levels. We find this helps to adjust your playing style, depending on the song and mood 🎧

Need to head out for a bit? It is a 5-minute walk to Boundary Street, and if you've been to West End before, you'll know how many options are available 🚶🏻‍♂️🌯☕️🍺

Our ceiling in the live room is 6m high, we can place room microphones in the far corners or send signals during the mixing stage through amps or speakers to capture unusual and unique room tones,

doubles, or delays 🔉

We can be conservative with microphone placement or completely experimental 🙃 not knowing what the result will be (whilst using great and interesting gear) from a variety of eras, can sometimes be the most rewarding way to work. Our microphone collection reflects this aesthetic too 🎤

A large collection of lofi 60's microphones from Russia will give your recording a unique feel, without having to find all the mojo from plug-ins 🎙

Of course, if you're after something, you should be asking questions,

so don't hesitate to get in touch 📩

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