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Celebrating 21 years of Professional Sound Recording Services

Recording Prices and Packages

Hello..! I've put together a variety of new packages below, which might help you work out what you’re after.

Quotes: We typically prefer to quote for a specific job, which gives us the chance to adjust the ongoing hourly rate towards your budget.

The best way to obtain a quote is to send us an email with a short description of your goals, predicted outcome, any web links to previous recordings, a run down on who is in the band, and of course a basic idea of the type of budget you would like to stick to.

For freelance engineers, or those clients bringing in their own engineer, please check out Package D, Dry Hire.

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Recording Hourly Rate:

$88 p/h - pay as you go, suitable for all short sessions (2hr minimum booking and includes an in-house engineer)


Night Recording Package:

5 hours: $390 (6pm to 11pm) (includes an in-house engineer)


Standard Day Recording Package:

7hrs: $550 (10am to 5pm) (includes an in-house engineer)


Dry Hire - Studio Packages for Freelance Engineers:

4hour block $220 / 8hr block $380 / 13hr lock out $550 (Includes an in-house engineer for the first hour)


Single - Recording Package:

Package Price: $1100 - includes:

2 * 5hr nights to record, edit and over dub with an in-house engineer.

Take this home and come back with mix notes, performance edit notes.

5hr night to complete any other edits, and to do a mix down. I also like to print stems so that future tweaks or re-edits are painless.

Includes in-house Mastering (or you can take the pre master file to another mastering engineer)

Recommend add-on: Drum Hire $250


Ep - Recording Package:

Package Price: $4500 - includes:

7hr day session to lay down a demo of the tracks, listen to reference material, plan out gear, trial some techniques and prepare any click tracks if need be with one of our in-house engineers.

5 * 7hr days to record all parts

2 * 7hr days to mix and bounce out a final pre master and instrumental stems

Includes in-house Mastering (or you can take the pre master file to another mastering engineer)

Recommend add-on: Drum Hire $250


Album Package:

Best to send a full description of your group, and what you plan to do.

This ranges anywhere from a live recorded album for around $850 up to the cost of a really nice boat.

Best to come in and book a Free Studio Tour


Studio Musician:

We have a huge list of amazing musicians, who charge anywhere between $50 to $90 an hour, to lay down performances on your tracks. We don’t list them here because their details change often. Best to email us about this one.

Piano Use:

Alchemix has a Stein Bach Baby Grand Piano which can be used during your recording session. Cost to use the piano is free. If you want to make sure it is in perfect tune, we can get a professional, AJ Hall, to tune it for $220, but the Piano is usually pretty in tune to begin with. We also have a beautiful old upright piano, which is in tune, but down 1 tone. It’s really quite special.

Studio terms and agreements:

All prices include 10% GST Tax. We require a 50% deposit to lock in dates. Your deposit is refundable to you in total if you cancel outside of 2 weeks prior to your first recording date.

The remainder is due upon completion of the original booked date.

All your audio and master backups shall remain the property of Alchemix Recording Studios until all invoices are paid in full by the client.

We recommend you bring your own portable hard drive or flash drive. This will speed up backup time. I’d recommend a small SSD drive, like the in-expensive Toshiba drives at Officeworks, for $70.

After 3 months from completing your project, your files will be moved onto backup hard drives, which we no longer can guarantee the safety off. I do however have the last 5 or so years of sessions at arms length. Drives have become more reliable of late :)

Ask us if you would like to request a backup hard drive to be added to your project quote.

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