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After someone to take care of all aspects of your project? Perhaps a producer is the way to go.

Otherwise click Recording for our recording packages which include a sound engineer, putting you and your band in the producer seat.

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... including music Marly has Produced, and a spotify playlist of music Marly is influenced by. - If you are thinking of working with Marly, you may as well know the type of music Marly is into:

Marly Luske - Producer/Engineer | or see ""

Marly Luske writes:

Well, my style of production is quite random these days. Although in the past I have had rules and prescribed ways of doing things, these days, apart from quality time management, I like to really free up the creative procedure and rely more on the moment. Trying simple techniques in many different ways until one clicks, is where its at...

Love working with passionate musicians who love to experiment with ideas and parts, without getting too serious or rigid. I'll make sure the final product does hit the spot in today's audio climate, which will allow it to surface and have its chance on the gravy train.

Digital Harshness. Analogue Warmth. Mistakes and rough edits. Everything goes during tracking. Simple decisions during final mix down will help translate the vital parts. Tracking long sessions, 5 to 24hrs.... Mixing short sessions, 1 to 4hrs ... . If the song is ready for mixing, the mix will come together very fast.

I prefer that my clients sit in during mix down sessions. It's yours to listen too for life, so lets make sure you are a big part of this process.

I favour mixing with an attitude and tone that suits the performance and illusion of that particular song. I don't see the need to copy someone else's sound. Focus on your own talents and lets push those unique aspects out.

For packages and prices, please contact Marly on 0407 630 770 or e-mail - we can then advise about sending demo's or organizing a meet up .

Music Producer . Mixer . Engineer . Composer . Performer . Mastering Engineer


What I'm currently listening to:

Wisp, 13&God, Deerhunter, Venetian Snares, Wilco, Tortoise, Aphex Twin, Tame Impala, Wagon Christ, The Tuss, Secret Chiefs 3, Ras G, Radiohead, Mike Slott, MGMT, Jodey Kendrick, Hudson Mohawke, Department of Eagles, Gotan Project, Gak, Fleet Foxes, Desmond Cheese, Broadcast, Bright Eyes, Bogdan Raczynski, Boards of Canada, Bibio, the Beastie Boys, Autechre, Ariel Pink, Anja Garbarek, Ceephax, Joanna Newsom, Squarepusher and Siriusmo and 6 more things.

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