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South Brisbane - West End Studio Complex

Celebrating 21 years of Professional Sound Recording Services

Audio Mastering

At Alchemix, we take care of CD Mastering, Vinyl Mastering, Online Mastering and can work with either uploaded files, stereo wave files or stems.

Our acoustically designed studio and specially selected gear, is ideal for mastering at the top end of the market.

Mastering is the process of transferring the final mix to a data storage device (the master); from which all copies will be produced
(via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication).

Mastering can be a very useful way to treat your mix to a pair of fresh ears. It's also useful to hear your mixes in a flat response room with the right equipment being used, to add and not detract from what you have been working on for so long.

Files can be sent to us, or you can bring them in for your appointment.

Please contact Marly on 0407 630 770 or e-mail

Mastering Engineer

Singles, EP's & Albums can also be mastered at Alchemix, by Mastering Engineer/Producer/Studio owner, Marly Luske.

Marly has professionally mastered a wide range of talented artists from all genres of music, video and advertising production.

Alchemix is ideally appointed for all mastering jobs. We run a Cranesong Avocet, together with an Apogee clock and Lynx convertors, outboard EQ and compression by JLM Audio, and a full HD 2 excel Pro Tools system on the latest MAC DAW.

For in attendance mastering, Marly charges $110 p/hr and usually can get through 1 to 3 songs.

As a guide, an EP usually takes about 3 to 4hrs and an album typically takes 4 to 8hrs.

You also have the option to send your files in for an unattended session. For multiple tracks, email your details for a quote.

"Yousendit" is recommended for uploading large files. For a single track we usually only charge $99.

If you have something that requires special attention, and might benefit from a little something more than the usual mastering pop market mixes require, please send us an email with your enquiry.

Marly spends a lot of time with underground and creative music styles, which require know-how and support, rather than just great gear.

We love Lo Fi music, and VHS and Cassettes are welcome if that's your thing...

Complementary In House Services:

We also offer CD & DVD manufacturing and duplication


: ISRC ?

A: It stands for the International Standard Recording Code. It is a unique way to identify your recording, regardless of the format on which it is used and independent of any future changes of ownership. Major download sites add these to the tracks when you upload via such sites as Tunecore.

Apply for a code? Here is the Australian contact:

ARIA, PO Box Q20, QVB Post Office, Sydney, NSW 1230, Australia
Tel: +61 2 8569 1144; Fax: +61 2 8569 1181
Point of contact: Justine Mitchell

As you will notice, it is best for the owner of the material to set up an account and ask for the ISRC codes themselves, rather then asking the mastering engineer to act on their behalf. This will probably change soon.

Q: How should i label my files when i give them to you?

A: I would love them to be numbered, in the order you wish them to appear on the final disk. You can then also send or hand me a track list, or a copy of the graphic art design. This way when I'm burning the final master, I will be sure that the order is correct, and I will also have the correct spelling of all track names.

Q: I want my cd to show the track names when I put it in my computer or in my car, is this possible?

A: Yes it is, but you need to let me know if you want this service. It takes a bit longer and therefor I need to charge a little bit more.

2 common ways to complete this is through the uploading of the cd to Gracenote, and CD text. I'll explain both of these below.

Gracenote (TM)

Once the master cd is complete, its just a matter of uploading it, the track names, times to Gracenote, so that when ever some one inserts your manufactured disk into their computer, and it is hooked up to the net, your cd's details will be downloaded and added. You can see this when importing a cd into I-Tunes. Right click and press "Get Album Artwork" or "Get Album Track Names".

To do this, you insert your cd, select all tracks, click get info, add all the correct song names, then go to advanced, and click Submit CD Track Names. Do this once you have your cd's back from the duplicators. This way the CD will be identical to all the others your selling. Its not really right to get the Mastering engineer to upload it before the manufacturing process.

Link to Gracenote:

CD Text. I prefer not to use CD Text, as there can be problems with the CD's ability to play in all cd players. It is safer to keep the CD purely manufactured with the Music, and no meta-data added. Meta-data that does work includes ISRC codes and UPC codes.

Sign up for an ISRC code yourself so that you have all the paper work to prove full ownership.

Make sure the CD information has been registered with Gracenote so that your CD will be identified when new fans import your music, allowing stats and all information to appear straight away.

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