Alchemix Recording Studio Brisbane



Alchemix Recording Studio Brisbane

Music Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Producing - Voice-Over Services
South Brisbane - West End Studio Complex

Celebrating 15 years of Professional Sound Recording Services

Studio Recording Gear / Equipment

Alchemix runs an extensive range of digital and analogue recording equipment.

Modern clean to tape saturated gritty.

We also are equiped with a large variety of Vintage Gear and Keyboards.

For specifics Gear Requirements, please call the owner/producer Marly Luske

at 0407 630 770 - email:

Alchemix Recording Studio Location: 4/24 Brereton Street, South Brisbane, 4101- West End – Brisbane


Yamaha PM 2000 (1978) mixing console - (Fully Serviced)

24 pre's / 8 busses (various mods) / 20 channels of pultec eq mods

8 channels of API opamps

6 channels of 99v opamps

2 channels of Hybrid opamps / Solo Mods /

CD and Vinyl Mastering Studio Alchemix



UAD Apollo 16 Audio Interface via Thunderbolt
(Great for anyone with a Thunderbolt enabled laptop)

Lynx Aurora 2 * 16 i/o at 192

Big Ben Clock from Apogee

Pro Tools HD-2 Excel System - Pro Tools & Logic Software

MAC - UAD-2 Duo

Otari MX-5050 1/4 inch tape machine (fully serviced)


Crane Song Avocet

JLM BAM Active Pair

Genelec 1020 Pair - Genelec 7040 Sub

ADAM A7 Pair

AVANTONE Mixcube Pair

Mackie Active PA Pair

Boom Boxes & Hi Fi's

(10) Various Headphones

4 Channel Headphone Distribution Amp


Dual 99v JLM Pre - Dual 1290 Neve JLM Pre
Dual TG JLM Pre

Dual Bell-Sound Tube Pre

Dual JLM FC500 Compressors -
Dual JLM LA 500 Compressors

JLM TG 500 Pre - JLM NV 500 Pre
JLM PEQ 500 EQ - JLM PEQ1 Stereo

Chameleon Labs JLM Mod Compressor (SSL Buss Comp G Style)

RNC 1773 Compressor

Teletronix LA2A Compressor

Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor

QUAD 8 Channel Strip

(3) Spectra Sonics 610 Complimiter

(2) DBX 160VU

(2) Neve 32254e Limiter and Compressor

(2) Vocal Stresser F769X-R

Alesis Midi Verb 2.0 (nice lo-fi)

Roland DEP-5 (80's digital delay)

Boss SE-70 (great 90's cheesy sfx)

Digitech S-100 (weird reverbs)

Recording Outboard Gear


Steinbach Baby Grand Piano (tuned regularly)

Korg MS-20 (original 70's)
Korg Mono-Poly

Nord LEAD 3

Ensoniq ESQ-1

Yamaha DX-7 -
Yamaha CS-2X -
Yamaha CS-10

Roland TR-77
Roland MC-202
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-727
Roland TR-909

Music Man HD 130 with slanted Cab (2*12's) fully re-tubed by Tym Guitars

Trace Elliot T100 Head

Rhodes Mark 1

Native Instruments Maschine Controller and Software

We have many other guitars / casio's / pedals and hand held percussion instruments in our in house collection.

On request:
we can hire in any kit, with or without drum tech, from $330 per day (Drum Cartel) Needs to be pre-booked!


Korg Synthesizer - Alchemix Recording Studios


(1) Blue Cactus Baltic Tube

(1) BeesNeez Arabella GT

(1) BeesNeez Lily Ribbon

(1) EV RE-20

(1) Beyer Dynamic M88 TG

(1) Beyer m160 Ribbon (70's)

(1) Beyer m260 Ribbon (70's)

(1) Reslo Black Label Ribbon (60's)

(2) Oktava MK-012 (with Mods)

(2) Sennheiser 421 (70's)

(1) Sennheiser 412 (70's)


(1) AKG C414 XL II

(2) AKG Perception 220's

(1) AKG C3000B
(1) AKG D112


(2) SM Pro JLM Mod (c12 type)

(2) SM Pro MC04 Ribbon Microphone

(1) SM ProTube Ribbon


(1) Rode NTK Tube Condenser

(2) Rode NT1 Condenser

(2) Rode NT3 Condenser

(2) Rode NT5 Condenser

(1) Shure SM 7B

(6) Shure SM 57

(2) Shure SM 58

(2) Shure Beta 52


Lots of more vintage lo-fi mics

We can also hire in mics from next door or from Mix Masters with ease,
if your after a certain vintage flavour ...




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