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Alchemix is a Recording Studio located in South Brisbane, Australia, founded and
owned by Marly Lüske 🦉

The studio was established in 1998 and our current facility was built in 2013. Here in our digital space you can find everything that you need to know about recording at Alchemix as well as some really useful info about how it all works. Read about the Recording Studio or check out our Equipment list. If you're wondering what it might cost to record with us, see our Packages & Rates page. You can also find out about our Engineers or our Mixing and Audio Mastering services. Need to record a Voice Over? Maybe take a listen to some of our work via our client spotify Playlist to give you some fresh inspo. Marly has also put together some really on point content about how to maintain instruments & equipment over at tips n ticks. We've been mixing magic since 98 and look forward to creating some audial alchemy with you ✨

A side shot of the main control room at Alchemix Recording Studios
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features of the studio include;
* fully air-conditioned ✔️
* decoupled acoustic treated rooms ✔️
* large op
en live room with a spacious 6m ceiling ✔️
* music producer plugin friendly ✔️
* proudly know
n for a relaxed & creative atmosphere ✔️

1176 and an La2a for an enjoyable vocal path


At Alchemix we professionally take care of:
* Online Mastering ✔️
* Vinyl Mastering ✔️
We can also work with either uploaded files,

stereo wave files or stems 💾

Studer 8track Tape Machine at Alchemix Studios


Hire us to record all your Voice Over needs -
bring your own talent or let us organise someone for you 😇
Traveled on the Qld train lately?
Yes, that's an Alchemix Voice Over
for Qld Railway Announcements 🚂

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