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Recording at Alchemix provides you with a creative relaxing environment. From the latest in digital platforms, to the character and warmth of vintage gear, we have it covered. Music and corporate production, all styles, all budgets. Ask us and be honest, we don't have any fixed ways of doing things.


Our new West End studio is a step up from our Woolloongabba Studio, open since April 2013, Alchemix now has a much larger live room, incorporating a range of moveable acoustic treatments, allowing for a larger variety of acoustic environments.


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Alchemix Control Room




Established in 1998, Alchemix Recording Studios moved its operations to a bigger and better location in Brisbane Gabba area in 2004. Now in 2013, we have moved into our 3rd incarnation of the Alchemix environment. Features of the studio include; full air-conditioning, decoupled acoustic treated rooms and a large open live room featuring a 6m ceiling. Alchemix is situated in West End, just a few minutes walk to the local restaurants and bars, along Boundary St. We are all about providing the best possible relaxed, creative atmosphere for your next recording project. You and your performance always come first, we will take care of the technical side of the project, and can always help with production values or arrangements if need be. We always aim to beat your desired outcome, under any project time line and budget.


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We recommend you visit us if your looking to do a release recording. This gives us a chance to talk about how best to capture your sound, under the given time line and budget, especially if you have any extra requirements, eg. studio musician hire, gear hire, abnormal booking times etc. The last reassurance you get when visiting us, is the fact that what you see is what you get.

We are no bedroom studio, (unlike our humble beginnings in 1997), but a dual studio facility, of professional construction.


Also residing at our complex is Music Media, who take care of CD Duplication and Poster/Flyer printing.




Mute Canary setting up in our old Woolloongabba live room at Alchemix



The Studio


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