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Audio Tuition

Welcome to Alchemix Recording Studios, private "One on One" Audio Tuition School!

Teach Me Audio Recording You Say? Very well then!

Recording Audio Tuition Sessions

( You might like to give someone a tuition voucher as a gift! )

So what's it all about?

The tuition session offer you to "sit in" .... on a "real" or Example Tuition Recording Session ...and learn by watching and asking questions relevant to what you want to learn .. ....

Recording Sessions provide you with a very effective way to ask the questions you've always wanted to ask. We keep a file of your progress and will always recommend new and exciting approaches to common engineering techniques.

One on one tuition is the most effective way to get ahead with your skills. This industry demands proper tuition, so that you are getting a quality understanding of what it is to be a recording artist/free lance engineer. We like to teach how to use software, but we are more interested in teaching you studio recording concepts, through trial and error situations. We also like to make you aware of the pro's that both home studios and recording studios have, so that you can make the right choices when dealing with a variety of project tasks...........

Sessions are held in our Main Recording Space. We teach on protools, as well as a variety of other software. For your first enquiry, please email us at sound(at) - Looking forward to hearing from you!

Why is Alchemix Tuition good for you

What are your recording intentions?

Is your environment home based, or are you a student with intentions of entering the professional recording field?

You might be accustomed to analogue gear only and need pointers on the digital age. No matter what your intentions, we will help to mold our tuition to your goals. That's the reason why private tuition works best!

Our Audio Tution usually runs for 2hrs. We understand that not all of you are keen to become repeat customers.

We definitely welcome you, from absolute beginners to home setup experts.

A 2hr lesson in a proper recording studio with experienced record producer : $160 inc. GST

(book in by yourself or with a friend)

Payment method; with single bookings you simply book in and pay at the end of the class.

We do however get very sad when you cancel 10mins prior to the booking. 48hrs is recommended to keep us smiling.

For questions, please contact Marly, please Email


*We also accept buddy bookings.

This means you can bring a friend, and book in as a pair. This way if you are both after the same type of advice, the lesson remains productive but you can half the costs. We don't accept bookings of more then 2 people. Larger workshop classes may be created in 2015, so keep a look out!

In point form, we can tutor:

Session planning, vocal and instrument recording, mix techniques and problem solving, post production considerations, monitoring and room acoustics, midi and sequencing, technical facts and problem solving, home studio set up considerations, project time line development, recording grant facts, microphone technique, mixing concepts, what is mastering, your questions answered.

Thanks for reading! Peace..............


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For questions, please contact Marly, please Email

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