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Sundari Mitchell


Someone once told me my paintings are like Alice on acid, though I’m pretty sure Alice was on acid and wonderland seemed quite a normal occurrence to her. I took the comment as a compliment. As an artist I like to remain mysterious, however I reveal everything in my paintings, like pages covered in words open to all who come across them. Perhaps I live in a wonderland of sorts and that’s why I paint as I do?


Sundari Mitchell has a truly unique and fantastical conception of the universe. Her works are brimming with characters, colour, fable and fantasy. There is a cartoonish innocence to the work that belies a clever cultural and literary understanding of the world and our dreams and ideas.” Oriel Gallery, Brisbane, Australia





Painting list

Green boy - 150
Green girl -150
Looking back – 150
Ribbon – 150
Observatory of the last night - 500
Civilization of the beats - 500
Scissors for Lefty - 740
Love Cats - 840
White Flag - 1000
Pamela and friends - 900
Blue hearts should be buried - $1500

Exhibit June 20th till July 26th 11 works (some will remain in our top foyer)