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Cross a fake


This work comes out of 18 months of art therapy sessions with Cathy Condon a Coolum artist/art therapist.  The sessions delved deeply into the layers of my consciousness and produced a year’s worth of experimental works one of which was in this cross style.  After sifting through the mammoth amounts of information that came through my sessions, crosses came up time and again.  

Crosses have a symbolism that predates the familiar Christian crucifix and it is these kinds of crosses that I am interested in.  For me the cross is an important symbol of the centring of the universe, the ability of humanity to fix things in place using mind and hands, to find meaning in the patterns of nature (like the southern cross) and the potency of the spirit world (the power of the use of symbols).  The process of producing each cross is a synthesis of these above traits, with each brush stroke and block of colour a meditation on these themes.

The colours of each cross are symbolic and display a balance between the four elements of fire (orange, black, silver), water (deep blue), wind (sky blue, pink), and earth (green, brown).   While purple symbolises cloth, people.  I let the paint drip and bleed in places on the picture plane to juxtapose the freedom of paint doing what it wants to do and the will of the artist to bring order to the composition.  Some crosses display a lot of this freedom while others bear the more contrite markings of my will and intuition combined.

Writing forms an important part of my arts practice as informed by my art therapy sessions and the writing that accompanies each cross painting is automatic and deeply symbolic drawing on this life now, past lives then and the future.  Thank you for taking the time to ponder my crosses.







Exhibit January and February 2010