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Here I am, sitting in an expensive club, sipping overpriced drinks and listening to mediocre music. It's a soulless little hive where the masses swarm to basically get screwed (in more ways than one). I need some culture with my scotch. I need some excitement, some fucking art!!! I am waiting for Nick McGavern to show up and enlighten me a little bit so I don't go home completely convinced that we are all done for. Here he comes, in high doses. Nick McGavern is an Australian born, Bermuda raised contemporary artist, about to have his first exhibition here in Brisbane. It's being held, of all places, at Alchemix Recording Studios in Woolloongabba on the 25th of August. This is only fitting, considering his recent artistic collaborations with some of Brisbane's finest musicians, including The Red Paintings, Tidy Kid and The Black Arts. All of this, as well as furthering his own artistic experimentation with stereo optics, anamorphic perspective and colour.

Anyone who has ever met McGavern will know it is his vast life experiences that contribute to his full-blooded approach to art as we know it, and as he perceives it. McGavern can passionately discuss all facets of life and art over an entire intoxicating night, but the fun is in hearing his accent change gradually with every passing drink. I started this interview with an Australian artist but finished with a Bermudian Tony Montana. McGavern was born in Sydney but has spent almost half his life on the small island of Bermuda, immersed in the art and drug culture. His lists of influences include Francis Bacon, Jeffrey Smart, high doses of L.S.D and suicidal mushrooms. In his time abroad, Mcgavern worked on a private island for an eccentric millionaire doctor, taking care of his vast array of antiques and masterpieces. He is one of very few people to have had access to the good doctor's secret artillery bunkers, filled with works by Jackson Pollock, Monet and endless 18th century English style paintings. Nick returned to Australian soils in 2002 , in order to study visual fine arts and continue working on his own surreal style of visual arts. More recently he has created pieces for musicians Tidy Kid and The Black Arts, as well as donning a Little Red Riding Hood outfit to paint live art on stage for The Red Paintings.

Nick Mcgavern's first solo exhibition will be the start of a successful career for this local visual artist. Doors open 2pm to late, with champagne and hors d'oeuvres, on the 25th of August at Alchemix Recording Studios, RSVP for a private invite by emailing Marly at sound@alchemix.com.au. You may want to get in quick before, like most great artists, he dies before his time and you can't afford his works anymore.

Written by J. Eckersley