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Music Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Producing - Voice-Over Services
South Brisbane - West End Studio Complex

Celebrating 21 years of Professional Sound Recording Services

Music Production Services

High End Production with our advanced Engineers Team

Explanatory words about our carefully thought up "Release Quality Music Production Packages"

What do we mean by High End Production?

With the right pre-production and producing skills, your songs can finally come out sounding perfect for your intended goals. That might be radio airplay on triple J, professional live recordings which are full of emotion and allow special moments to be realized from both a performance and listening point of view, or even in your face, slammed to the max, pop flavour releases which stand out from the rest.

Bands, solo artists, all genres. We are open minded enough to either aim for organic style recordings, or to aim entirely on a certain market and sound. Each country has it's on style of production which suits main stream radio. Know your target market before settling on a certain production sound.

At Alchemix we don't just have one set of ears. On top of our in house assistant engineers, we have advanced production engineers, and depending on your style, we can recommend the right engineer for your project.

Production takes planning and positive action and if you choose one of our engineers to take care of your next release, we will make sure you have a full understanding of our plans for production and a honest idea of how the final product will sound and feel like before you get started.

Being aware of the process allows you to focus more on your creative side, rather then stressing about how things are moving along.

Like most of you would know, it comes down to the right song choices, great performance energy during tracking and careful planning when choosing the style and flavour of your final mix!

On top of tracking and mixing, we can provide in house mastering, but to be honest, with some projects, we recommend a new set of ears for that part of the project, and with a few specialized mastering engineers local to Brisbane, we will choose the right mastering engineer for your job.

For questions, please contact Marly, please Email

Production Packages & How They Differ To Other Studios:

We always recommend a band or manager visit the studio before locking in dates.

Through careful consideration and past performance, we have a few set packages we usually recommend for bands. All tracking and mixing services are completed by our producer/engineer team at Alchemix Recording Studios.

Unlike other studios in Brisbane, you have the choice to hire 2 engineers and 2 environments. The main pro of this set up is that you can typically get through a project in half the time. This allows for a more directed creative flow during tracking, and a clearer mind through the mixing stage.

For example, we will typically break up the tracking sessions into songs, rather then instruments. This gives you a chance to take breaks and continually be part of the creative process. We also aim to record your favourite tracks (possible radio singles) towards the later stage of tracking.

This is the perfect way for us to realize the best possible recording techniques for your desired sound. It also gives you a new awareness of how your playing and performance effects the final results.

We want you at your best when it comes time to record your favourite and most radio friendly tracks.

We take care of the technical side so you can create with ease.

Editing and other un-interesting tasks are best left to our editing suite, where the 2nd engineer will focus on those parts, leaving you, the artists, in Studio A, to create the moments that count.

For questions, please contact Marly, please Email

We will call you at our earliest convenience. Please leave details of any sites that have audio examples of your previous recordings.

For our high end productions, we typically will choose a few artists per month.

Alchemix Record Producers - Production Engineers

After someone to take care of all aspects of your project? Perhaps a Producer is the way to go.

Otherwise click Recording for our recording packages which include a sound engineer, putting you and your band in the producer seat.

For a list of Producers working at Alchemix, click Production

Please take a look through our gear list & past cliental list and our audio examples


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