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About Marly Lüske - Studio Owner and Engineer/Producer

Brief description of producer and studio owner Marly Uyma Lüske

At the beginning there was an old farmhouse

Marly Uyma Lüske, born 1982 in Canungra, Qld, also into music from an early age, began his travels into engineering and composing music in 1994 at the age of 12.

Marly got the sudden urge to build a recording studio and has accomplished this by digging out, concreting and building his own home project studio under the basement of an old farmhouse. Since then he has been busy composing and recording his own music, as well as other musicians, bands, solo artists and singers.

The Alchemix Recording Studios were first created to fuel Marly's own compositional writing, but led quickly to recording other groups and eventually, it turned it self into a proper Music Recording Business.

Next step was the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, where he studies for his bachelor in Music, Music Technology and Classical Guitar.

He also complemented his student time income with performing Classical Guitar, and still recorded bands at his Recording Studio.

Having completed his course at the Conservatorium of Music in 2002, Marly moved to Brisbane after 6 years of engineering at his home project set up.


Some of the music he has composed and released at an early age:

the Alchemist (1997) 11 track Album (avent garde)

Alchemix Compilation (1999) 12 track compilation (exp. rock)

Calling Kaiser (2001) 3 track ep (alternative pop fusion) ( Band set up)

Calling Kaiser (2003) 7 track ep (alternative pop fusion)


2013 : Alchemix/Marly moves into his own Warehouse / large Studio Complex

In 2013 - Marly bought his own warehouse, and from the ground up, created a new studio with with a few recording environments, and a combination of old and new gear, which has been collected over the past 15 years.

The new studio is at West End.

Before, Alchemix was at 29 Logan Road, where he expanded his business, becoming a studio hired by over 10 freelance engineers, all seeking a professional environment with that traditional big studio sound. The ability for Alchemix to continue supporting the independent music scene, during these times of home recording and low budgets, is what gives Alchemix the edge over other studios that come and go.

Marly continues to push his own producing skills with selective projects, as well as working on his own compositions, and expanding the Alchemix Studios

Visit Marly for Producer / Composer Discography

Some Qualifications

Classical Guitar; AMEB Grades 4,5,6 and 7 (1995)

Graduated with a Bachelor of Music / Music Technology (including classical guitar) from the Brisbane Conservatorium of Music, Brisbane. (2002)

16 years of live performance experience. (classical guitar and original band acts)

2 years as an IT Tech. 5 years of guitar teaching.

16 years of recording - mixing - mastering and producing musicians, bands, some well know some not so well known .. and many coporate business recording, such as jingles - commercials - education - and public announcements as he did for Qld. Rail's Train Stations.

For a complete History including images, see > Studio History


For questions, please contact Marly - Email

PS. Marly loves vintage gear ...

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