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Improve your Home Recording - Article

PS. Recording at home, "it's good fun, I record at home all the time, even though the studio is sitting there ready to be used". ( Marly Luske )

A trend, even for larger bands who are signed to major labels, is to get out of the common studio experience, and spend time creating music, in a range of different environments. Musical influences play a huge part in our song sculpting practices (even if we don't want to own up to it) and too does the environment we create those sounds in. This natural understanding allows you to look at yourself, your style of music, your non style of music and your home environment, and rate it's effectiveness in giving you a pure musical moment or perhaps and un ordered music moment, full of beautiful chaos.

This short article is not about the quality of gear, which naturally a recording studio kicks arse in, but more about the effectiveness of learning the art of recording as a songwriter, in a home environment.

Tips and Hints of Home Recording:

  • Like most things, if you do to much of the same thing, the uniqueness begins to weaken and your left with more dribble then gold. So what we recommend is to change your home setups once every few months, change it's direction, the position of the furnishings, the place in the room where you do your vocals, the more change the better.

  • Listen to your mixes from afar. What I mean by this is, when you've been working on a track for a couple hours, make sure you listen to it from a different room, or even outside. You'll notice things that stand out more then you thought, arrangements which clash or maybe a mix that is way to clean and simple. Most of the time when we enjoy music, we listen to it as background music, as we are concerning ourselves with other things. Yes your music should have great impact to a listener, be possible very entertaining and rip ones ears off, but quite often, it should also compliment an environment where humans go about with their daily routines. Listen to your music like a fan would, and not just as a composer. Your songs will improve for sure if you do this.

  • As soon as you get frustrated about something in your track, take a break, come back and mute all the channels. Then slowly un mute track by track, and as soon as you get frustrated, mute that track, and try another. You'll find that quite often to much is put into a song, and you can easily get a much larger sound with less. If the part that ends up cluttering the mix is important to you, try it on a different instrument, or by a different tracking technique. Forget about how a audio track sounds by itself, concern yourself with it's effectiveness in the mix, when it's attempting to dance along side all the other tracks.

  • In relation to all this type of stuff, one of the hardest things to tell yourself, is, I'm done! Depending on your timetable, you might only be working on a track during weekends, sometimes weeks between sittings. This really effects a track, and usually the first intentions or ideas behind a song are lost. This can be good or bad. If you're un sure, set yourself a mission to make and complete a track within a couple days, or perhaps in a single day. There is a reason why most top songs out there are written in 30minutes. But hey, there is also a reason why some tracks takes months to be realized, it just depends what your going for. Think open, be open.

  • Finally, bringing in your home recordings into a professional studio can give your track a new lease on life. We might pick up on your first intentions, pushing them forwards again.
    Quality is our concern as well, and we make sure that you've done your job right. If there are parts which are clipping or just don't work, we'll try and remix it or suggest tracking it again quickly in the studio, giving the mix a new dimension again.

    ... and yes, we can make a difference, we can improve your rmix and we can master it as well.

If your unsure, our Free studio walk through's are perfect for sussing out these type of questions. We do this day in day out, and love to hear different styles, complete them or re-work them. Hope to catch you around sometime..............

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