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Well, it began in 1995-96, when the young studio owner decided to dig out his parents basement, layed down a concrete slab and building up the necessary ingredients for a basic studio layout. Like all good things, he began by recording what ever he felt like, experimenting continuously without considering there was anything more important, except for maybe the food upstairs.

It soon grew into an operation where a solo album called the Alchemist eventuated, and clients began to arrive. This all prompted the eventual beginnings of the Alchemix name in 1998, as the studio owner turned 16.

Since 1998, to 2004, the studio was revamped a few times, a drum room was line tied to the basement control room and client numbers grew. Meanwhile, the engineer started and finished a 3 year Conservatorium of music degree at the south bank campus, grew his hair real long, cut it real short, grew a beard and decided it was time to set up operations in the big smoke, away from the comforts of the grazing land.

Old Studio Pics here or Past Clients here

The location for the new studio was found in March 2004, and from then to August, the studio was once again built, only this time we were ripping up carpet underlay, rather then sticking it to the ceilings, thank god for that, not that there's anything wrong with that! The next move will be in 2013, when Alchemix finally moves into its own premises, finally becoming independent of land lords and restrictions building conepts...


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