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Artist Profile - Giselle - Artist - Painter

Giselle's background and life is art in itself.
After completing Interior Design and Art studies, she worked in both private and corporate design throughout Europe.

Her design skill expanded quickly into painting and other creative pursuits, and has evolved ever since.

Working now in her Gold Coast Hinterland Studio Gallery, she shares her creativity with
other artists - collaboration and her own varied art projects.


Her unique works of art are exhibited at major Galleries as well as her own.
Providing a wide variety of contemporary and traditional works of Art.

Artist Gallery - GalleryGiselle.com -



Gallery Giselle is an exclusive private artist studio and gallery.

It is owned by Giselle and located at a beautiful 5 acre property

in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.


It is Giselle's professional art studio where she creates, paints, gives classes and workshops, and therefore is open by appointments only.


Business is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, clients are invited or referred, and treated as guests.


Solo and group exhibitions are held throughout the year,

again by invitation only.


Solo exhibitions are for selected artists, including Giselle.

Group exhibitions demonstrate the creativity of Giselle's Art Groups

and Art Collaborations.






Giselle's Original Works of Art

Original works of art demonstrates all styles, and draws from a wide range of individual backgrounds...


A wide variety of styles are exhibited at the Gallery at all times, and can be viewed by appointment or at her web-site - www.gallerygiselle.com

Giselle excepts commissions Abstract painting by Giselle



Cityscapes -
City Scenes

Realistic and Abstracts

Acrylic and Watercolour


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Musician Panle PaintingOn the Beach - painting by Giselle




Giselle - Artist - Painter



Bjoerg - Portrait by Giselle



Blue Horse

Blue Horse