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Celebrating 21 years of Professional Sound Recording Services

Composing Services

The service of composing might be of interest to you for the following reasons:

  1. You are a Solo Musician, with the goal to create a complete song, even though you only have the words and basic arrangement/harmony

  2. You need to source or would like to own the copyright to a particular sound or song for use in a film, media spot, radio show spot, advert or similar.

  3. Your Short Film needs sound design to bring it to the next level.

  4. Your Advertisement needs branding from an audible angle, and you would like have a Jingle created/composed for you.

  5. Your simply looking to source a wide variety of independent music for a compilation cd or radio show etc.

  6. Your computer game is now up to the stage of including music and a theme track for instant recognition.

  7. Background music is required for a relaxation/meditation/hypnosis script CD, or for an audio book, poetry, or similar.
    ..sample of relaxation background music for a Natural Therapy Company > useNature

What type of costs are involved? ...

Costs can vary a lot when composing is concerned. We do however always supply you with a complete written quote before starting any job, with a deadline in place.

There are 2 main cost considerations:

  1. Are you looking to simply use some of our available music and pay royalties?
    Please contact us for samples.

  2. Would like to purchase a track out right, something specific to be created for your project. This basically means that you will be the copyright owner and can do anything you like with the composition once purchased from us.

Overall, as a guide, costs can include:

  • Composing time (hourly rate)

  • Composing time worked out as a project cost
    (project cost means we predict how long we will need to create a certain sound for you, not dependent on an hourly rate).

  • Studio musicians to hire, if need be.

  • Mix and Mastering sessions (worked out at normal recording studio rates )

  • Purchasing the copyright, ... or

  • Royalty payments for sourced tracks, not to be purchased out right

Composer - Marly Luske

The composer will be creating for your preferred style of music.

Marly Luske - Studio Owner - Engineer/Producer/Composer

For questions, please contact Marly, please Email

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