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Our art gallery is available to hire


1 week with 1 night for an opening show: $500

(just the 1 day/night: $400)


Available till March 2013


2 * 25sqm rooms, one as a shop front to the popular little logan road in Woolloongabba.







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new artists on our walls each month, be sure to visit us when your next in Logan Road, visiting one of the many cafe's or restaurants


Previous events:





November 1st : 5 short performances - "Disembraining Machine"


September 27th : 4 short performances - "Disembraining Machine"


August 30th : 4 short performances - "Disembraining Machine"


July 25th till July 31st: - Performance & Visual Week - 26th July 7pm - 4 short performances - "Disembraining Machine" - featuring a Nick McGavern exhibit


August 1st till August 14th: - Pacifink -


April 17th till May 15th: Giselle Luske


May 16th till June 12th: Josh Cleary


June 13th till July 24th: - Andrew Peachey & Sundari Mitchell -


March 2008: (Performance Fragments) multi media art performance and art works exhibit. Nick McGavern & Tidy Kid


pre 08: Paul Parker (exhibition - paintings) Giselle Luske (exhibit -paintings) Cato Hjemeland (exhibit - paintings)