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the Tidy Bari exhibition



15th October . 6pm to late . come along ! 8 Artists


Group art exhibition featuring: Chantel Schott, Lucinda Wolber, Nick Simpson, Ky Curran, J Valenzuela Didi, Phoebe MacDonald, Nick McGavern, Leif Gifford.


The BARI Festival is an initiative founded by the crew at Jugglers Art Space in 2008, aimed at celebrating and acknowledging the creative and cultural contribution that is often harbored by ARIs within a city. Brisbane is now home to several well established Artist Run Initiatives each working within their own unique artistic frameworks and services for artists and members of the public. This year BARI will be host to a variety of events between the 1st – 30th of October staged at several Artist Run Initiatives throughout Brisbane, each providing workshops, forums, open studios, live entertainment and art exhibitions showcasing Brisbane emerging artists.


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Ky Curran


Screen printed & decorated ceramic tiles with Japanese tissue papers and glazed.




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Phoebe McDonald


Phoebe is a Brisbane-based artist. She has a Bachelor of Photography with First Class honours from Queensland College of Art, but works across a range of mediums including sculpture and installation. Her work is centered on concepts of interconnected ness and impermanence, and she has an ongoing interest in the nature of light, time, space and perception. She is also interested in the subtle changes and cyclic events that occur in the natural environment over time.


phoebe mcdonald


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Chantel Schott


I am a self taught artist and have been painting since 2005, however I have only began to take my art career seriously since 2008. I enjoy using acrylic as my main medium and creating vibrant, vivid artworks, focusing on abstract art. I particularly enjoy creating layer upon layer with acrylic for the backgrounds of my paintings to give an under the sea or in a forest feel where the viewer can experience a quirky, yet dreamy ambience. I like to position out-of-place creatures or objects for amusement with the idea of the characters being stuck in a dreamscape – where anything goes.


chantel Schott


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J Valenzuela Didi


Jin-wa Valenzuela Didi is a self-trained artist living on the outskirts of Brisbane city. His works cast solitary figures and objects into bittersweet dreamscapes. Jin-wa works predominantly with paint on canvas preferring the human identity of this traditional media. His preference for acrylic paint stems from a punk ethos, relishing the immediacy of the paint which forces a commitment to each mark made on the canvas.



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Nick McGavern


Nick McGavern is a visual artist who has exhibited works of various medium around Brisbane and Bermuda. He has collaborated with Brisbane music artist Tidy Kid, The Red Paintings and The Black Arts. Nick McGavern is a sculptor, painter, illustrator, sound artist, performance artist, video artist, 2D and 3D animator and modeler and web designer.  Nick McGavern is a contemporary artist who can be seen as experimental, minimalist, surreal and abstract. Nick often uses symbolism in his work which can be broken down through drawing parallels of metaphor or direct meaning. Nick is inspired by many classic and contemporary artist such as Jan Van Eyck, Filippo Brunelleschi, Otto Dix, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, Brett Whitley, Jean Miro, Willem De Kooning, Paul McCarthy, Jeff Koons, Maurizio Cattelan to name a few. He comes from a traditional painting background which has evolved over the years through experimentation into the multi medium artist known today as Nick McGavern.



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Nick Simpson


Nick Simpson moved to Melbourne after living in Brisbane for most of his life. He showed at a number of galleries and exhibitions in Brisbane (after completing a Diploma of Visual Arts) including Nine Lives, Joshua Levi, and the annual I Used To Skate Once. The illustrations are character based and completely unbiased. They are like screenshots from imaginary movies featuring all manner of folk. It's not powerful, nor deeply moving, but it has a sense of humour and is rooted in real life...



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Leif Arwen Gifford



Leif Gifford is an artist working with any media intuitively appropriate to represent the themes and philosophies with which she is engaged. In this piece loosely titled Subterranean [partly because its installation in a cupboard under the stairs] is returning to concerns of population growth combined with a fascination of human ingenuity and resourcefulness in the face of adversity. As in all of her work she represents a dichotomy between a hopeful positivity and the darkness of apathy. In Subterranean she is re-engaged with the sculptural form utilising impoverished materials, water and light.



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Lucinda Wolber


Lucinda Wolber is a Brisbane based artist currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art / Bachelor of Education Secondary at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.  Lucinda has been exhibiting her art around Brisbane in various group shows since 2008 and will be having her first solo exhibition in Melbourne later this year.  Her drawings are influenced by early 20th century sideshows, antique toys and fairy tales, all mixed with a touch of the macabre.  Working with mixed media Lucinda creates dioramas and puppet frames featuring interesting characters and witty phrases.  By using familiar images and altered popular sayings most of Lucinda’s recent works concentrate on the less than perfect way people treat each other in society today, by putting a light hearted spin on these issues the viewer can interpret and gain understanding in their own way.  The works being exhibited at this years Bari Festival, while still focusing loosely on these themes is just a bit of fun for the artist.  Having just finished her last assignment at university she was simply wanting to create something to make people smile.