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Tidy Kid (80's hip hopa) and Nick McGavern (Tengu)




7 video camera's were utilized in the filming of the main performance


{DVD RELEASE - Out on Tidy Kid Music}


Following is a short article from each of the artists, indirectly influenced by their undertakings in this performance project.

Restricting Restrictions

As a child we would have all experienced restrictions. Whether by our parents or peers saying no to the things we want to do or, just in our abilities as a child. The subconscious can take things very literal when remembering repeated events or words. This can cause a world of self doubt whether in ability or in ideas. Just from hearing the words, “no that's not right”, many times, can leave a child believing that it is wrong much more often than right. A bad review from an influential parent figure can be detrimental to a child's creative thought process. As the child cannot explain ones actions to the depths of their intention the idea of rejection could terminate all thoughts involved with the creative process. The restrictions of life have been drilled into the mind of all and the few that haven't can live a life of uninhibited freedom of self expression and achievement. With in the creative procedure we run into boundaries and criticism all placed in front of us by ourselves. Or so we think. I believe these have been placed here through the governing of actions delivered to us by our elders and our peers at an early age to “normalize” us.

This art work is a way to realize this by returning to the uninhibited world of a child and to release a bit of the “demon” with no restriction. By doing this the hopes are, to release the demon from its cage permanently for it to live a glorious life without restriction.

Nick McGavern: 01/03/08




Hey, where did the audience go?

Hmmmm, are unconditioned thoughts really that absurd? You can laugh and cry at them all you want, but when you leave your judgment aside, they can form glorious unrestricted expressions of truth. These stems of truth, if let to be realized by the beholder, create an always occurring motion. They send you deeper and deeper into the darkness of society, which when inverted, is simply lightness. Oh my, what a lovely positive slant. Cough!

To allow this to happen is usually harder and harder as you grow up and become, mature. When you allow yourself to play the game of life with less restrictions, you find things start to invert allot. Aspects of normal life start to seem hilarious and terrifying, whilst the rest is simply there, unraveling it's packaging and rewarding you again and again. If a natural amount of humanity and respect is also placed into this potion, the game of life can be quite dandy. How to act in life seems to flow with more ease.

Performance fragments is a project of letting these child like reactions on life free. It also demonstrates highly contrasting approaches to this style of expression, neither passing judgment on the other.

Tidy Kid: 04/03/08



Some paintings previously exhibited