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Alchemix Recording Studio Brisbane

Music Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Producing - Voice-Over Services
South Brisbane - West End Studio Complex

Celebrating 21 years of Professional Sound Recording Services

About the Alchemix Recording Studios

Alchemix Studios : Established 1998

Alchemix Studios - 3rd incarnation

The Alchemix Studio's 3rd incarnation is located within the West End Precinct.

4/24 Brereton St is the new address for Alchemix 3.0.

It's a brand new facility in a warehouse just around the corner from Boundary St in West End.

We are close by to South Bank too. The new studio is just wonderful, feel free to ring me up for a studio tour.

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A bit of the Alchemix History

Alchemix is the title governing the recording studio complex and music resource web site.

During 2008 to 2011 Alchemix also was running as an art gallery and boutique live recording space for underground experimental artists / jazz groups and classical ensembles. We've expanded our production rooms so are now outsourcing these events to new spaces in our local area of Woolloongabba.

The studio ran as a special recording environment, hired by many local and national producers.

Through the intake of many emerging engineers, Alchemix offered set day and night sessions, ep's through to album packages. Fantastic gear with affordable and interested engineers.

The studio was made up of two main control rooms, connecting to 5 unique recording environments. The studio wasand still is equiped with the latest HD pro tools system with Lynx converters and houses a very use full and variety rich analogue set up, including compression, eq and pre-amps by many of the leading brands.

Custom gear and mod's were built in house by Joe Malone, who also resided at the complex, and still resides with in the New Alchemix complex today.

More history of the studio

Established in 1998, in the Gold Coast Hinterland on private property, Alchemix Recording Studios opened for business in Brisbane in 2004, just around the corner from the Gabba stadium.

Features of the new studio included; full air-conditioning, decoupled acoustic treated rooms, 4 recording spaces and two control mix rooms, as well as a large open exhibition area.

As always, Alchemix is and was all about providing the best possible relaxed, creative atmosphere for your next recording project.

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For a short profile history of the studio owner, click Marly Lüske

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Alchemix Studio Location: South Brisbane - The West End Precinct ... Surrounded by Cafes & Restaurants.
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