Studio Musicians

Alchemix - Woolloongabba Brisbane Australia

Below are a list of Brisbane Studio Musicians, who you can contact directly, to hire for your next recording project. Feel free to browse. We are currently not accepting any other studio musician applications, thank you...


* For Voice Over Artists:

Studio Musicians Include

Sean Foran  B Music piano/keyboards All styles -  specialist in jazz/blues/contemporary improvised music Versatile Improviser Fender Rhodes available on request Rates :  $50 per hour Hear Recordings : ...... ......

Matthew Jeffries : Rock/Mettle Bassist
(plays for Repeat Offender) : email :

Tim Kerr is a session drummer.

"I play all styles, especially rock, pop, funk, jazz, blues and country. My drum kit is a Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom, and I have a few snare drums and a range of cymbals to suit the style of the recording".

Full details at - has full gear list and bio.
Examples at


PH: +61 0422 334 657 or E-Mail:

Gary Broadhurst : Electric Bass

Mobile: 0403 972 880 Email: (Maleny Local)

Shoshannah Beck : Female Vocalist :


Glen Brearly : Tenor / Soprano Sax and Keys (rhodes). Glen is also a Rhodes tech as well.
Mobile: 0412 958 052 email:

Mauricio (bachelor of music / guitar) Brazilian. Plays Funk, Soul, Pop, Jazz and of course brazilian styles, such as Bossa Nova, Samba and Choro. Great site reading skills and can write arrangements for brass, voices or whatever. PH: 0432 612 736 or email:

Female voice over artist : Kendall Goddard

Perfectly bilingual English (Australian accent) / French (Parisian accent) skilled at narration with an engaging, melodious and uplifting RP very skilled at character voices and accents including English (RP & Cockney), Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Italian, French, Spanish, Standard American, American (Deep South), New York, Russian etc

Available for work from sydney to brisbane, call Kendall on 0437929819

Listen to or right click save as to download samples: Montage - Australian(Mild)HardSell - RPSoftSell - FrenchNarration - Australian(Strong)HardSell - StoryNarration - AustralianNarration

Bart Stenhouse : Brisbane-based guitarist/bassist
I have good music reading skills and can play in a variety of different feels including jazz, blues, rock, metal, folk, flamenco, and some classical guitar.  Improvisation is not a problem, and i have also done bit of jazz/contemporary arranging whilst in my degree.

My musical gear includes a 1983 Dan Smith American Fender Stratocaster, a Gibson Joe Pass Jazz Emperor Archtop, a Fender DG-22CE Acoustic Electric, a handmade Travis Classical guitar with input, a Dean 5 string 24 Fret Electric Bass, A Marshall AVT 150W Half Stack, Fender Acoustasonic acoustic amplifier, a Trace Elliot 100W tube amplifier, and many effects pedals.


contact bart via: 0413 324 513 or email:

Dan : film clip maker: Hi I'm a film maker based in brisbane looking for bands wanting a clip if you know anyone \  or thanks Dan  m:0433 677 793

Leighton: Drums, full info at :

Simonne: Vocalist : has worked with The Prodigy, Stock aken and waterman .......
For samples you can visit my website (07) 33426500
or email Simonne at

Duke Bannister: Duke began doing V/Os in 1979 in Brisbane then moved to Melbourne for 18 years and did a great deal of State, National & International gigs with all the top studios and production companies and ad agencies in Melbourne and Sydney. Moved back up to the Gold Coast in 1993 and continued to do gigs for Melbourne Studios by Land Line using Peter Ferrier's Studio. Available to do many male voice over characters. Fast and reliable.

contact via:

Tim Kerr : Drums and Percussion : Most Styles

Examples downloadable at :

Mobile : 0422 334 657 Download Full Bio

Ray Kostiainen: Guitar and Bass : Mob: 0411 27 8484 : Web: .

Peter Buckley:

Great deep male voice over artist for corporate work

Helen Anderson: 0415 690 955 : female voice-over talent : voicing mainly for radio stations - so sweepers/promos & ads mainly retail and soft female reads.

Sarah Collyer: versatile session vocalist, songwriter and voice coach. or email:

Darren Griffis proficient on Drums, Guitar (Rhythm and Lead) and bass guitar.

Ronnie Oates. Mobile: 0432249848 tight groove playing drummer for Band and Jingle work

Alex McTavish : Voice Over Artist, show reel on website
Mobile.  +61 (0) 431 788 003 email:

Daniel Cooper : Piano/keyboards and guitar studio muso
B.mus in classical piano at the Qld. Con : ph: 0413 766 430 :

Dale Lingwood: Pianist Most Styles : 04 0395 0664

Mark Davies : Electric Bass Guitar / Sunshine Coast / Brisbane

Suited to most styles / Will rehearse with band before a studio recording session if needed.

Contact : 0400 390 291

Keith Pavy : Professional musician from Sydney. Influences are James Burton, Albert Lee, Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Vince Gill amoung others. Blues, Country, Soul, Motown, Rock. I have toured and recorded with Elvis, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison and Garth Brooks shows as Lead Guitarist/MD. I have been in 3 Country Rock bands, 2 50's/60's Harmony bands, Blues and Rock Bands, toured and recorded with Ol'55 for about 5 years. My rig consist of: 50th Anniversary Fender Telecaster, Custom Made Tomkins with American Swamp Ash body from the 1960's with a birds eye maple neck with Joe Bardon/Danny Gatton Pickups, great tone. Custom Vibrolux Fender Amp, Tone Heaven. Road case with assorted effects, try to use as little as possible, less is more i think. I have a good ear and can ad-lib well with originals. Available for studio and live work, in have recordings available.
Keith Pavy 0403933128 or 07 54977534 or email:

Paul Illmer : Rock Drummer :

Avail weekends and after business hours. Great gear. Industry experience, Can do other styles.